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CSA Week 11.

This week we are going to talk about two things. One is pretty routine, but also filling our hearts with lots of joy. The other is a bit of a disappointment. Let’s start with the hard stuff. For those of you following along with the farm on Instagram, you may have seen the news. The […]

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CSA Week 10.

Not a lot of words this week as I used most of them up during Soil Sisters! But here are a bunch of photos of our whirlwind weekend. We began our weekend early with a cocktail class on our farm on Friday afternoon. That evening I headed over to one of our favorite restaurants that we […]

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CSA Week 9.

The seasons are shifting out on the farm. We can feel it. It’s coming to be that time of year when seeding, weeding, transplanting and stringing tomatoes slows down and the main priority is just harvest, harvest, harvest. Yes, it’s almost peak season out in the fields. A frenzied, excited, whirlwind of activity where the […]

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CSA Week 8.

We will call this the month of rain. The month of non-stop rain and unrelenting high humidity. The last several weeks have been remarkably wet, something we fear may be the new normal. It hasn’t just been a drizzly gray day here or there. It has been rain that comes down in buckets for hours […]

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CSA Week 7.

There’s not too much to say about the farm right now. Things keep on keeping on. We’re seeding and transplanting fall crops. We’re adding more tomato string to our ever growing trellis. We’re harvesting cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash every other day (and hauling in nearly 300 pounds each harvest). We’re sending a sample pepper […]

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CSA Week 6.

On Friday we had our organic inspection. Our second ever organic inspection. Organic inspection day comes with a mixed bag of excitement and nerves. For the second year in a row the inspection was done by Mark, who I’m convinced may be the most adorable “certification specialist” in the entire Midwest. He’s funny and he’s kind. […]

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CSA Week 5.

I hope you all had an incredible 4th of July and (hopefully) long weekend! After a major storm on Wednesday night (tornadoes touched down in the county next to us and the farm got 4 inches of rain over night!!) we were actually forced to stay out of the fields for most of the weekend. […]

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2017 Week 4.

The race to get caught up continues. It is still June after all. That’s what we keep telling each other as we finish a task at 6 p.m., see the sun still high in the sky and convince ourselves we can make it just three hours longer until sunset. We can do one more task. […]

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2017 Week 3.

I don’t know if you all could tell, but my dear husband and I were really running on empty during these first two weeks of the CSA this year. I mentioned briefly in the first newsletter that we had been running full speed to catch up on the spring plantings ever since those two weeks […]

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2017 Week 2.

This week I want to tell you a little bit about the people who grow your food: the folks who make stuff happen. I’ll refer to a lot of people over the upcoming weeks because there are a lot of people who make this farm life of ours a reality. As we expand to three […]

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