For a lot of you, this is your first CSA membership.  Here are a few tips to help things run smoothly.  We are so excited to embark on this journey together with you!

  • Bring back your boxes!  If you don’t remember every week, that’s fine, but try to bring empty, flattened CSA boxes back to the CSA drop site.  It saves us on cost and it’s always good to reduce, reuse and recycle.  J   Tipi Produce has a great tutorial on how to flatten boxes.  At some point or another it will be up on our Facebook page and website.
  • Read the signs and/or labels before you grab your box.  Because we have three different types of shares going out every week, make sure you take the one you signed up for.  It would be a bummer if you took a full share when you only signed up for a half share and someone else got shorted.  The boxes will be labeled with the share type and divided into separate piles so this should be easy.
  • Check your name off the list.  We will have a list of members at the site each week.  When you pick up your box, check off your name.  Then if there are any leftover boxes at the end of the day, we’ll know who to call.
  • Leave something/take something.  For the first couple weeks I’m sure you will want to take everything home to try it, but over time you may realize there is some vegetable that you will never learn to love.  If this is the case, leave that veggie behind in the box labeled Swap Box.  Anything in this box is up for grabs for anyone.
  • If you are unhappy with something (anything!) give us a call or e-mail.  It’s our first year and we value your feedback.  If anything seems low quality or you don’t feel you’re receiving enough of something, let us know.  If our drop off system isn’t working and your vegetables are being picked up all wilted and unhappy, please let us know.  If you have any questions on how to cook and/or store things, just ask.  We are here to accommodate you!
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