Raleigh’s Hillside Farm is pleased to announce that we have three openings for worker share positions on our farm this season! This is a great opportunity to learn more about what goes into a vegetable farming operation, hang out with your favorite farmers, and enjoy free veggies for your time!

Worker shares are required to complete a set amount of hours each week throughout the 20 week CSA growing season in exchange for their CSA share. The weekly hour commitment is 5 hours per week for full shares or 3 hours per week for half shares (or every-other-week half shares). You will commit to a work schedule with us prior to the season. We know how hectic summer can get, so worker shares may miss two weeks during the growing season without penalty. However, the earlier you can let us know what weeks you won’t be available, the better! We do also allow worker shares to begin working once per week prior to the season so that they have the option to finish early.

For 2016, we are hoping to find worker shares with Tuesday availability (our CSA harvest day) but can be flexible so long as you can find a regularly scheduled weekly time to come out to the farm during the week. Sorry, no weekend positions available!

Possible worker share tasks include seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting, packing CSA boxes and/or other farm maintenance. We require a two-hour “working interview” in the spring to make sure you are a good fit for our farm.

Raleigh’s Hillside Farm is located 40 minutes south of Madison (10 minutes south of Evansville).

E-mail us at raleighshillsidefarm@gmail.com if you are interested!

Week 14 (4)

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Now Taking Spring Seedling Orders!!

We are very happy to share that this spring we will have beautiful, healthy seedlings for sale for your home garden in the spring.

If you love to garden but don’t have the infrastructure to start your own seedlings, it can be very frustrating to find the varieities of vegetables you want to grow. Purchasing starts from a greenhouse can also be difficult for folks trying to buy pesticide-free or organic vegetable transplants for their garden. Or if you wait too long, all that can be left are weak little plants that you need to save before even transplanting them.

We are excited to offer an alternative. This spring we will be selling tomatoes, peppers, brassicas, lettuce, eggplants and herbs seedlings. The same plants and varieties we also grow for ourselves so you know they will be treated with love! For orders of $20 or more we will even arrange a delivery so you have your vegetable seedlings when you need them!

Please order through this form and feel free to call 608.451.2467 or e-mail raleighshillsidefarm@gmail.com with any questions!!

Orders due by April 12th! Deliveries late April through June.


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We’re Full!

We are extremely happy to announce that our little CSA is full for the 2014 season!


Last year was our first year growing vegetables for CSA.  We began small with a little under an acre and 8 loyal, dedicated friends (er, members) willing to support us through thick and thin.  We learned a lot last season, about ourselves, about our relationship, about our business and most of all about how to grow nourishing, high-quality vegetables!  Our veggies and herbs were a hit.  So were our multitude of events, potlucks and work days.

We decided over the winter, calculator and excel spreadsheet in toe, that this season we would push our business and our bodies even further.  We decided that if we want to get to a point where we can both afford to only work off-farm in the winters, then we needed to expand our CSA exponentially.  We want to make this CSA vegetable farm our life, rather than just a very exhausting summer hobby.  So we boosted our CSA membership goal from 20 to 32.  ”Why not shoot for the stars,” we told each other.  ”We’ll be happy if we just get 25 members in our second season,” we said.

But we are so happy to say that the support and love behind this little farm has been overwhelming.  We hit 32 members in early March and requests to join keep coming in.  It stinks to have to turn people away, but it is an honor to see all the excitement mounting around us and the good work we do!

We can’t wait to get into the fields and prepare to feed 32 beautiful families!

If you are still interested in our farm, please poke around the website.  We plan to sell through a Farm Match online store this summer.  We attend the Janesville’s Farmer’s Market.  (More information on the Produce page of the website).  We plan to have many events throughout the summer.  There a million ways to support us and experience the delicious produce we grow.  Make sure you Subscribe to our website for recipes, information on upcoming events and more!

Week 12

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Holiday Gifts.

In front of our home, there is a small, beautiful apple orchard.  We harvested these apples in the fall for our landlord.  The agreement was we harvest for him and we get to keep half.  After processing some apples for himself, our kind and generous landlord has decided that we could keep all the remaining apples he has not used.  We have twelve trees and it was a bountiful season so we have a LOT of apples.

From these apples, we have been toiling day and night (slight exaggeration) making applesauce and apple butter to sell for the holidays.  We have lots and lots so let us know if you are interested. It will be available early next week and we hope to have labels made with our farm name and the ingredients list.

Here’s what we’ve got:

  • $3 pints of applesauce (unsweetened)
  • $5 quarts of applesauce (unsweetened)
  • $4 pints of apple butter

In addition, as Farmer Lauren likes to wear a lot of different hats, she also has beautiful photography for sale throughout the holiday season.  These prints run from $12-$20 and a lovely matted photograph makes a wonderful holiday gift.  Visit her Etsy site for more information on pricing.

Also, I know it seems early, but we are accepting 2014 CSA sign up forms now!!  If you pay in full before December 15, you get a discount!  So look over the sign up form on our website and consider us for next season :)


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We have a new little mini initiative on the farm!  Plastic container recycling!

In addition to being organic, chemical-free and focused on man power instead of horsepower, we also hate to see any waste on our farm or associated with our products.  That is how we try to live our daily lives and it definitely how we want to run a business.  Minimal inputs not only means a more profitable farming business, it also means less waste.

We chose to purchase wax boxes that are enormously reusable to us.  This same way of thinking went into that decision.  We use them for CSA, we use them to pack vegetables into the cooler, we use them when we sell to restaurants and when we take produce to market.  We hope to get two to three years out of our boxes and when they are done, we hope to move up to a more expensive but much more sustainable crate system.

We are doing what we can, but one thing we have noticed so far is the use of plastic on vegetable farms.  Plastic is almost never reuseable and more often than not ends up in the trash.  Farmers use plastic mulch to suppress weeds, herbs are sent in plastic bags, cherry tomatoes are sent in little plastic pint containers.  It’s impossible to give cherry tomatoes, peas, beans or herbs to CSA members or sell them at the farmer’s market without using small pint and quart containers.  Giving every customer a Tupperware container without hope of getting it back is clearly not a viable option!

Our plan is thus to be a recipient of all your used plastic pint and quart containers!  We’ll have our own purchased containers at home too so that we never run low, but we’d much prefer to help the Earth and re-use yours!  Although we will use recyclable containers, it makes more sense to reuse a product in its current form than to recycle it.

CSA members, if you get a small plastic pint or quart container from us (or from any regular store) and want to re-use it, drop them off with your boxes at your drop site. Farmer’s market customers, bring these lovely containers with you to market and we are happy to take them! We don’t care if you have 2 or 20, we’ll take ‘em, wash ‘em and happily re-use them.  Thanks everyone for doing your part!

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Welcome to our new website!


We are so pleased to welcome everyone to our new website – raleighshillsidefarm.com

In our little corner of the internet, we hope to stay connected to all of those interested in learning more about their food. Besides information on the farm, you can check out for events, recipes and any news coming from our farm.

We hope that through our website, we can keep an open conversation with those who use our products and share information and tips on produce, cooking and more : )

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