We have a new little mini initiative on the farm!  Plastic container recycling!

In addition to being organic, chemical-free and focused on man power instead of horsepower, we also hate to see any waste on our farm or associated with our products.  That is how we try to live our daily lives and it definitely how we want to run a business.  Minimal inputs not only means a more profitable farming business, it also means less waste.

We chose to purchase wax boxes that are enormously reusable to us.  This same way of thinking went into that decision.  We use them for CSA, we use them to pack vegetables into the cooler, we use them when we sell to restaurants and when we take produce to market.  We hope to get two to three years out of our boxes and when they are done, we hope to move up to a more expensive but much more sustainable crate system.

We are doing what we can, but one thing we have noticed so far is the use of plastic on vegetable farms.  Plastic is almost never reuseable and more often than not ends up in the trash.  Farmers use plastic mulch to suppress weeds, herbs are sent in plastic bags, cherry tomatoes are sent in little plastic pint containers.  It’s impossible to give cherry tomatoes, peas, beans or herbs to CSA members or sell them at the farmer’s market without using small pint and quart containers.  Giving every customer a Tupperware container without hope of getting it back is clearly not a viable option!

Our plan is thus to be a recipient of all your used plastic pint and quart containers!  We’ll have our own purchased containers at home too so that we never run low, but we’d much prefer to help the Earth and re-use yours!  Although we will use recyclable containers, it makes more sense to reuse a product in its current form than to recycle it.

CSA members, if you get a small plastic pint or quart container from us (or from any regular store) and want to re-use it, drop them off with your boxes at your drop site. Farmer’s market customers, bring these lovely containers with you to market and we are happy to take them! We don’t care if you have 2 or 20, we’ll take ‘em, wash ‘em and happily re-use them.  Thanks everyone for doing your part!

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